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Chat Commands

 Private Messages

m [nick] [message] or m [partial_nick] [message]

For example, you are (joe) and type /who. You see (Bobby) and type...

m Bobby Hello, how are you?

Only Bobby will see this private message and Bobby sees...

*joe* (203.124.160) Hello, how are you?

Then Bobby CLICKS on *joe* and this fills in ...

m joe

Bobby then completes this with ...

m joe I am doing okay joe, how about yourself?

Then you see ...

*Bobby* (202.156.138) I am doing okay joe, how about yourself?

The next time you can just type ...

m bob That is good, yep I am doing okay also!

Once you have sent a message to Bobby you just type m bob [message] and it will be sent to Bobby as long as there is no other user with the exact nickname bob online. Note this is a case insensitive shortcut so bob, BOBBY, boBb, and bO should all work as long as there are no users with those exact nicks online.

Chat nicknames are case sensitive so bob is not the same as BOB or bOb.

You do not need a slash before the m command. Other commands n, /m, /msg, and /mmm are aliases for private message. I always hit that stupid 'N' key next to the 'M' and drop my message in the main so n [nick] [message] also works .

If the nick is not online, or the nick is misspelt you will be told no such user exists.

Some users may block private messages and if so you will recieve a notice that they are not accepting messages. Private messages are private but, in cases of harassment, a user can /forward their messages to an Operator for review.

Messages more than 2 minutes old are automatically flushed by the server.

 Difficult Nicknames

Some users have difficult nicks like BaLtImOrE so remember do a /who or even /whois balt, then click on the nickname! After you have sent the first message you can use ...

m balt [message]