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Frames Mode

 Frames supports Autorefresh

Autorefresh is an adjustable rate that sets how often the chat from is refreshed. The default setting is 20 seconds. The command is /speed nnn.

Some people don't like autorefresh. It can be disabled by setting the refresh speed very high. We suggest you choose /speed 300 because the chat will kick you out after 300 seconds if you are being idle anyway. Note that if you set the speed above 180, you may miss some private messages since they only last 180 seconds (3 minutes).

 Frames keeps Message Field and Chat apart

In Frames mode, the lower frame with the Message Field is fixed. It does not move up and down the page as the level of chat changes. Addtionally you can re-size the upper and lower frames to make the Chat area smaller or larger. Just use the middle mouse button or hold your macintosh mouse button down for more than one second on the frame divider and then drag it up or down.

 It's Faster!

With frames you don't have to wait for the page to finish loading before you can start typing again. You can in fact just start typing as soon as you hit enter!

 It's Faster... Again!

Frames loads more quickly because the lower frame contains all the 'hidden data' and doesn't need to be refreshed. Since the upper frame only contains chat data, it's smaller and is downloaded by your browser faster.

 Recover Message Buffer

Frames has a really cool message buffer. Everything you type in frames mode is saved in a message loop of 100 lines. You can access the message loop with the [<] [||] [>] buttons. To get the previous message click [<]. To get the one before that, click it again and so on. You can reverse and step forward through the list by using the [>] button. If you change direction you'll need to click twice on the appropriate button.

The [<] button works great if you want to send the same message to several people, or if you want to change some part of one command like /id into another command like /kick /ban or /summon without having to retype the nick. Unfortunately the buffer is lost when you change rooms or nicks.

Finally, the [||] button returns you to the start of the message loop, as well as clearing the message field.

 Old Message Buffer

If you leave the screen for 30 minutes and come back, the autorefresh keeps you logged into the chat. People may send you messages while you are gone but since you are still logged on they are saved in the message buffer. Just type /mold to view your old incoming and outgoing messages.

Some people might be offended that you don't reply right away so you can always use /auto [auto reply message] to let them know that you will reply when you get back. I always type something like, Hi, this is my auto-reply, I might be away from the screen working but when I get back I will check my old messages and reply if you are still online. Thanks!

 Switching Into and Out Of Frames Mode

You can either select frames mode before you login or, if you forget, just type /fr to enable it. If you want to disable frames just type /fr again.